Wednesday, June 27, 2012


For most of us the word “repent” immediately conjures up the word “sin” in our minds.   
We associate it with things like theft, coveting, lying, hateful speech, sexual impurity, and the list goes on.    
 But, the word “repent” in our New Testament is the Greek work “metanoia” which simply means 
to change your mind

So this morning, and so very often, I find myself in need of repentance—in need of changing my mind.  
 I realize that I have agreed with the thought that things are always hard for me.   
This is not what God says about how things should be for me.   
In Psalm 1, God tells me that everything that I do shall prosper…

So, here I am once again in need of repentance.  
 I need to change my mind.  
 I need to come out of agreement with all that is contrary to what God says about me. 

Repentance—today, for me, that means “Everything I do shall prosper.” 

What does it mean for you?

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  1. Great insight on the meaning of "repent". I'll need some time to ponder it.