Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 
Matthew 11:28 

“Unto” –this is actually how I always hear this verse in my head.  
“Unto” is from the King James Version, and for me it brings an added meaning to this scripture as opposed to the usage of “Come to Me” in so many other versions of scripture.
For me, “unto” paints a picture of lesser and greater—of one who comes from beneath or below and looks up to one who is above and is greater. It paints the picture of humility and need, and of acknowledgment that there is one greater—there is one I can come “unto.”
Isn’t this what is really involved at the core of “coming” anyway?  
There has to be an acknowledgement of need. 
Ah…hence is the problem on so many occasions.  To even “come” and to especially “come unto” requires something of us—a humbling—a recognition that I may have need of someone or something outside of myself. 

And then there are the times that I do not consciously disavow my need, but my actions of not coming do.
 Although, I may not realize it, my actions say, “I can handle this myself. I’ve got it covered.” 
And then later, when I’m overwhelmed or wondering how things became so complicated, I forget that I never took the time to “come” or to consciously acknowledge my need for “unto”. 

And for me there is also a deep beauty that this word “unto” paints in my mind—
A deep beauty of a Savior who is standing in front of me as I am bowed before his feet.  
He isn’t standing erect, but He is standing slightly bent towards me, and He is looking at me...
But this posture and this gaze speaks so much more than I can even begin to communicate. 
There is purpose...There is nothing by chance or happenstance...
There is intent and it is focused upon me...
 And I know that I am the object of  this overwhelming purpose...
 And I know that I am the focus of this overwhelming love and grace.

Then He reaches down to take my hand and lifts me up and “unto” Himself. 

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